FIRESAFE Valve Kit Public Service Announcement
Posted on 01/23/2022
Firesafe Valve KitFIRESAFE Valve Kit
Public Service Announcement

Wyoming continues to lose too many of our citizens in home fires that are on home oxygen. A simple device can combat this problem. The FIRESAFE valve kit can reduce the risk of injury and death to you.

Hello, I am Chad Brutlag, Division Chief, from your Sheridan Fire-Rescue Department. The Wyoming State Fire Marshal’s Office and Fire Departments around the state have partnered to form the 307CRR (Community Risk Reduction) initiative: FIRESAFE.

The FIRESAFE valve kit is an easily installed device that will shut off the flow of oxygen when it is exposed to fire, thereby reducing injury and death to you, your family, and responding firefighters while simultaneously slowing fire spread and limiting property damage.

If you or someone you know is on home oxygen and is in need of one of these FREE life-saving devices, please contact the Sheridan Fire-Rescue Department at 672-6126 or The Wyoming State Fire Marshal’s Office at [email protected] beneath the 307CRR logo to request your FIRESAFE valve kit today.

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