Board of Adjustment

The City of Sheridan presently has a vacancy on the Board of Adjustment, providing an opportunity for engaged and motivated city residents to give back to their community.  The term of appointment is three years.  Interested individuals should send a brief bio and cover letter to the mayor’s office either via e-mail at or regular post to:

Rich Bridger, Mayor
City Hall
PO Box 848
Sheridan, WY 82801

Role:  The Board of Adjustment (BOA) hears appeals on decisions made by any administrative official in enforcing the City's zoning ordinance, hears special exemption requests, hears zoning ordinance variance requests, may authorize the continuance of any nonconforming use if no enforcement action has occurred within five years, and takes action on any other matter required by a local jurisdiction's ordinance.

The BOA is to interpret the City's zoning map, grant temporary use variances in certain conditions, allows for the extension of a preexisting nonconforming building, grant variances to public and private utilities, and grant sign ordinance variances in the downtown.

Time Commitment:  The Board of Adjustment meets on the second Thursday  of every month at 7:00PM.   Regular meetings vary in length, but typically run about an hour.  Board of Adjustment members receive information packets on each proposal to be reviewed.  Each Member chooses how much time to devote to reviewing packet items, but 30 minutes per item is probably a reasonable estimate.  Total monthly commitment for meetings and packet review averages about 1-2 hours.