Board of Appeals Opening

Board of Appeals Opening
Posted on 05/25/2023
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The City of Sheridan presently has five vacancies on the Board of Appeals, providing an opportunity for residents who are qualified by experience or training in the construction or development industry and process, such as general contractors, developers or tradesmen to give back to their community.  The term of appointment is three years.  Interested individuals should send a brief bio and cover letter to the mayor’s office either via e-mail at [email protected] or regular post to:

Richard Bridger, Mayor
City Hall
55 Grinnell Plaza
Sheridan, WY 82801

Role:  The Board of Appeals hears appeals from determinations in the course of the building process.  The standard of review by which the board will evaluate the issue(s) brought to it on appeal shall be primarily based on the intent of city of Sheridan Code within a standard of reasonableness and consideration given to alternative methods which may reasonably satisfy the intent. Any alternative method, means or material proposed by the appellant to reasonably satisfy the intent of the City Code and which reasonably satisfies the intent and purpose of the building and/or fire codes adopted by the city of Sheridan will be considered by the board. The Board receives administrative support from city staff.

Time Commitment:  The Board of Appeals meets when an appeal has been submitted to the City Clerk’s Office and does not hold regular meetings. The board shall consider appeals within fifteen business days of the filing of notice of appeal and shall thereafter issue its decision on the appeal no later than five business days thereafter.