Weed & Pest

The City of Sheridan Weed & Pest Division would like to announce that mosquito fogging will begin starting the week of June 20th and continuing through the mosquito season. Fogging for mosquitoes will be performed in areas that have unacceptable concentrations of nuisance mosquitoes or where health threatening species have been detected. These locations will be established based on the results of our mosquito surveillance program and citizen feedback.

In an effort to control mosquito populations, city crews have been actively treating standing bodies of water in and around Sheridan for mosquito larva, which greatly reduces the development of of adult mosquitoes. This means the city will not fog on a regularly scheduled basis, only when tolerance levels become unacceptable in a certain zone. The chemical that the City of Sheridan uses for adulticiding mosquitos is call Permethrin. It has the potential to kill any and all insects including bees. It is practically non-toxic to birds and pets in the concentrations used by the City. Permethrin used in fogging by the Weed &and Pest is not fatal to humans. Gardens are not harmed by Permethrin. Many over the counter insecticides contain Permethrin. Sound advice always tells us to rinse fruits and vegetables before consuming.

The public can help control mosquitoes as well. Eliminating standing water greatly reduces mosquito breeding grounds. Stagnant ponds and wetlands are favorites for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs, but even a few tablespoons of water will do. So please your rain gutters, store buckets upside down, drain unused troughs, and eliminate any other places that hold water around your home.

For information on which zone you reside in please refer to the City of Sheridan Interactive Mosquito Fogging map.

Fogging will take place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings when necessary.

Zone #1 Monday evenings:

East Sheridan from Big Horn Ave. & Main Street to interstate 90.

Zone #2-Tuesday evenings:

Southwest Sheridan from Loucks St., South along Big Horn Ave.

Zone #3-Wednesday evenings:

Northwest Sheridan from Loucks St., North along Main St.

For questions or to request that your home be in a "NO SPRAY ZONE" please call the Weed & Pest Hotline (307) 655-8297.

Beekeepers please register your location with the Wyoming Department of Agriculture (307) 777-6590.