Moving Guide

Contact Landfill
  • Monday - Saturday / 7:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.
  • 83 East Ridge RoadSheridan, WY 82801
  • P: (307) 674-8461
  • Charles Martineau, Solid Waste Superintendent[email protected]

The purpose of the City of Sheridan Landfill is not just to dispose of unwanted items from the City of Sheridan and surrounding area, but to do so in a way that is in compliance with State and Federal regulations as well as being clean and efficiently run.

The landfill accepts household trash, construction debris, compost material, brush, tires, used oil, metal and clean concrete and asphalt. The facility also provides recycling activities for many of these items. The Sheridan Landfill is committed to providing each customer with excellent service and is dedicated to providing a safe and economically sound way for citizens to dispose of municipal solid waste.

What We Do Each Year:
• Grind an average of 1,000 – 1,500 tons of brush and stumps for composting
• Bail and ship approximately 880 tons of scrap metal to recycling centers
• Compact and cover approximately 30,000 tons of household waste and construction debris
• Recycle approx. 5 tons of car batteries
• Decommission approx. 911 refrigerators / air conditioning units
• Recycle approx. 1,064 tons of concrete and asphalt
• Recycle 2,842 gallons of engine oil

What To Expect During Your Landfill Visit:
During your visit to the landfill, please follow the Scale House Attendant’s instructions, observe the speed limit and obey all traffic control lights. Please do not smoke while on site, observe all signage – watch for and yield to landfill equipment and personnel.  For additional information phone (307) 674-8461.