Police Department FAQ

When do I have to get Wyoming License Plates?
Within 24 hours of residency in the State of Wyoming.
What are your general hours of operation?
The Police Department operates 24 hrs/day, 7 day/week.  The office is open Mon-Fri for administrative purposes, but there is staff on duty 24/7 to handle walk-ins.
May I report an incident and remain anonymous?
Yes, all reports are taken seriously and investigated.  You can report incidents/crimes by calling 672-2413 or anonymously on Crime Stoppers at 672-7463.
Do I have to report every automobile accident to the police?
Only if the combined damage between all vehicles involved exceeds $1000.00.
Do officers have to handcuff everyone that is placed under arrest?
Yes - this is for the officer's and the suspect's safety.
Do officers write a citation on every traffic stop?
No.  Citations being issued depends on many circumstances.  A citation is written at the discretion of the officer depending on the circumstances.  According to statistics, the department only writes citations on approximately 20 - 26% of traffic stops.
What is the next city to the south and the north on I-90?
Buffalo, WY is 33 miles south and Lodge Grass, MT is approx 50 miles to the north.
Can I operate a vehicle on a notarized bill of sale or title?
Questions often arise about when a person can drive a vehicle on a bill of sale or title. The attached document has the guidelines that authorizes such. Understand that you may be pulled over by a law enforcement officer if no visible registration is observed on your vehicle. If all your documents are in order, you'll be on your way in a matter of minutes so don't fret. Please do not tape your notarized title in the window of your vehicle. It will not prevent you from being pulled over but it may prevent your vehicle's theft.

As always, if you have further questions, please call at any time.

Vehicle Operation on Bill of Sale or Title.pdf