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The City of Sheridan Engineering Department works to enhance the health, safety, and welfare within the City by providing economical, responsive, and effective professional engineering services. City of Sheridan Engineering DepartmentThe Engineering Department is responsible for managing the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), which includes planning and financing for major capital projects. The Engineering Department works closely with other State and local agencies to provide funding for projects such as the Wyoming State Revolving Fund and Mineral Royal
ties Grants. The department is also responsible for reviewing all City infrastructure and private development, such as subdivisions, within the City. Additionally, Engineering staff provide construction support to all divisions within the City, including overseeing the design and construction of all utility projects before they are passed on to the Utility Department for continued maintenance.


East 5th Street Corridor Project
The East 5th Street Corridor Project started in April 2019 as a City funded project to improve pedestrian safety and mobility through the corridor while creating a welcoming environment with landscaping enhancements. The project extends from Broadway Street to Valley View Drive. Improvements include new sidewalk, decorative lighting, trees, and landscaping. East 5th Street will also be restriped to include bicycle lanes and extend the continuous left turn lane from Joe Street to Crook Street. While the revised lane striping will eliminate on-street parking, the new left turn lane will improve traffic flow through the corridor while reducing the potential for vehicle collisions.
In June 2020, the City and WYDOT entered into an agreement to transfer ownership and maintenance of the E 5th St Corridor to the City, in exchange for WYDOT installing a new traffic signal at Sheridan Ave. The traffic signal design was completed and will be incorporated into the project.
If you are unable to attend public meetings but would still like to include your input and ideas, please use the link below to reach us on Social Pinpoint! 

Social Pinpoint for E 5th Street

Public Meeting #1 Presentation

Public Meeting #2 Presentation
Malcolm Wallop Park Pond
The Malcolm Wallop Park Pond Project consists of a proposed pond located within the City of Sheridan's (City) Wallop Park, which is located on the north end of the City, adjacent to Goose Creek. The pond will be located within the historic floodplain of Goose Creek in a flat upland area. The City intends to utilize this pond for fishing, wildlife viewing, and general recreation for the citizens of the community. Its close proximity to the City's extensive pedestrian pathway system and the North Main Interchange provides easy access for recreational activities. The City proposes to construct future piers at the pond to provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy overlooking the pond. All piers will be constructed to be handicap accessible from parking lot to piers. 
Primary functions of the proposed pond will include fisheries, creation of wetlands, migratory bird use, big game use to include elk, mule deer and white-tail deer, and habitat for small and medium mammals and invertebrate species, particularly those dependent on wetlands. The City has been coordinating design features with the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, Sheridan office fisheries biologists to maximize fish propagation and enhance local fishing opportunities. The City's aggressive weed and pest management plan will be expanded to the Wallop Park Pond to further control invasive/noxious plants as well as control mosquito populations, once the pond is constructed. The final design of the Wallop Park Pond will incorporate features to not only enhance public use, but also enhance the habitat for all wildlife in the area. Wallop Pond is envisioned to ensure the preservation of Wyoming's wildlife while providing enhanced opportunities for public use recreation.
The Wallop Pond Project started in  2017 when the City applied for and received a Wyoming Wildlife & Natural Resource Trust grant in the amount of $100,000. In addition, the City has been approved for a Land & Water Conservation grant in the amount of $200,000 and a Wyoming Game & Fish grant in the amount of $40,000. WWC Consulting has been contracted to design the pond and all permitting requirements. The total cost of construction is estimated to be $700,000. Between Once Cent Optional and Public Benefit Funds, the project has $188,000. The FY 2022 budget is proposed to allocated $200,000 in additional Public Benefit funds to complete the project. The project is anticipated to begin construction in October of 2021.
Section 1135 Ecosystem Restoration / 84-99 Levee Repair Project
View a presentation on this project here.