Police Department FAQ

When do I have to get Wyoming License Plates?
Within 24 hours of residency in the State of Wyoming.
What are your general hours of operation?
The Police Department operates 24 hrs/day, 7 day/week.  The office is open Mon-Fri for administrative purposes, but there is staff on duty 24/7 to handle walk-ins.
May I report an incident and remain anonymous?
Yes, all reports are taken seriously and investigated.  You can report incidents/crimes by calling 672-2413 or anonymously on Crime Stoppers at 672-7463.
Do I have to report every automobile accident to the police?
Only if the combined damage between all vehicles involved exceeds $1000.00.
Do officers have to handcuff everyone that is placed under arrest?
Yes - this is for the officer's and the suspect's safety.
Do officers write a citation on every traffic stop?
No.  Citations being issued depends on many circumstances.  A citation is written at the discretion of the officer depending on the circumstances.  According to statistics, the department only writes citations on approximately 20 - 26% of traffic stops.
What is the next city to the south and the north on I-90?
Buffalo, WY is 33 miles south and Lodge Grass, MT is approx 50 miles to the north.