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Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery

It’s that time of year again. The clocks go forward, the days get longer and families get an extra precious hour of daylight. Daylight Savings Time is also a great time to check your smoke alarms:


For the best protection, make sure there is a working smoke alarm on every level of your home, inside bedrooms, and near sleeping areas. Test smoke alarms every month and replace them every 10 years.


Create and practice a fire escape plan.  Create a home fire escape plan with two ways out of every room.  Choose a place to meet outside that is a safe distance away from your home.

Practice a home fire drill at least twice a year.  Practice a home fire drill with your family during the day and at night.
Practice escaping in under two minutes. Sometimes that is all the time you will have to get out of the house safely.

If there is a fire, leave home immediately.

If there is a lot of smoke, get low and crawl out of the house as quickly as possible.  Call 911 after you are a safe distance away from your home.

Reminder: Smoke alarms don’t last forever. They typically expire after 8-10 years.  So if your alarm is more than 10 years old, it’s time to install a new one.

Contact Sheridan Fire-Rescue at (307) 674-7244 for more information or to request a free smoke alarm.

Commercial Structure Fire
January 13, 2024

Sheridan Fire-Rescue (SFR) was dispatched to a commercial structure fire at 05:58 Saturday morning, January 13, 2024, at 1515 North Sheridan Avenue.  SFR Engine 2 (E-2) was actively engaged in an incident at the 800 block of Avoca Avenue and responded to the structure fire immediately. Sheridan Police Department (SPD), Wyoming Regional EMS (WREMS), and Goose Valley Fire Department (GVDF) responded to provide additional personnel and resources.
E-2 arrived on scene at 06:03 finding an approximately 40 feet by 80 feet single-story metal building with a moderate amount of fire and smoke showing from the front half of the building. E-2’s crew attempted to secure a water supply from a hydrant at East 8th Street and North Sheridan Avenue but the hydrant had froze and was unusable.  E-2’s crew adapted to the situation and initiated fire attack using the Engine’s water tank to contain the fire until additional apparatus arrived on scene. E-2 deployed a preconnected 1-3⁄4” and a 2-1⁄2” hose line to initiate fire attack starting on the exterior and then transitioning inside to control the main body of fire.
GVFD E-204 arrived, being able to provide 1,500 gallons of water and additional personnel to assist with extinguishing the fire. Once the main body of fire was controlled, fire crews conducted a search of the building to confirm there were no occupants inside, finding no one. The crews transitioned to overhaul and checked for fire extension. The building was systematically ventilated and overhauled to remove all residual smoke, heat, and the potential for rekindle.
The scene was turned over to SFR Origin and Cause Investigators and is currently under investigation. No civilians or emergency personnel were injured during this fire.
SFR reminds everyone to verify that heating devices are operating and venting properly, combustible materials are kept away from heat sources, and to test your smoke alarms.






January 12, 2024

Sheridan Fire-Rescue (SFR) responded to 2026 Liberty Court at 19:40 Friday night, January 12, 2024, for the report of a fire in a residential structure. Sheridan Police Department (SPD), Wyoming Regional EMS (WREMS), and Goose Valley Fire Department responded to provide additional personnel and resources.
SFR Engine 2 (E-2) arrived on scene at 19:43 finding a two-story home with an
attached garage and no visible fire or smoke showing. SPD officers advised
E-2’s crew that all occupants were out of the house and that most of the fire was extinguished in the kitchen.
E-2’s crew entered the home encountering light smoke and proceeded to the kitchen where they found remnants of a charred cardboard moving box on the floor near the stove. E-2 crew verified the fire was completely out, requested ventilation to clear the home of smoke, and checked for any fire extension finding minor damage to a microwave above the stove.
The occupants stated they were using the oven when they noticed some embers to the cardboard box that had been placed on the stovetop earlier in the day. One occupant began removing the box from the stovetop and the fire intensified. The box was dropped to the floor and the other occupants were told to exit the home. One occupant remained inside and was able to successfully control the fire.  No injuries occurred and the occupants were not displaced because of the minimal smoke/fire damage resulting from the fire. 

SFR reminds everyone to not use the stovetop as a counter top when placing or storing items that can burn. Always keep combustible materials off of and away from the stovetop to minimize unwanted and unnecessary fires.

Stove-Box Fire 1

Box Remnants

Donated Smoke Alarms From Sheridan Home Depot
Sheridan Fire-Rescue recently received a generous donation of smoke alarms from the Sheridan Home Depot. The Home Depot provided approximately 100 smoke alarms with the 10-year battery and Sheridan Fire-Rescue wants to distribute the smoke alarms to make sure every home in Sheridan County has a working smoke alarm.

Sheridan Fire-Rescue encourages everyone to check their smoke alarms immediately for three reasons: first to make sure you have smoke alarms, second to make sure they are functioning, and third to determine the age of the alarm.

If you do not have a smoke alarm, or your smoke alarm does not work, or it is more than 10 years old it needs to be replaced.

For those residents living in the city of Sheridan, Sheridan Fire-Rescue will install the new smoke alarms in your home for FREE.  For those living in Sheridan County, please stop by the Sheridan Fire-Rescue Department Office located at 151 S. Scott to pick up the FREE smoke alarms. Additionally, for residents on home oxygen, Sheridan Fire-Rescue has the FireSafe cannula kits for installation between your oxygen tubing and cannula for FREE.

If you have questions or need assistance, call Sheridan Fire-Rescue at


On October 29, 2023, Sheridan Fire-Rescue (SFR) was dispatched to 8 Cottage Grove, Story, WY, for a reported chimney fire at 14:22. SFR Engine 2 (E-2), Story Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD), Sheridan County Sheriff Office (SCSO) deputies, and Wyoming Regional EMS (WREMS) all responded to the scene.

SVFD units arrived on scene and provided an update of the conditions, finding smoke coming from the eaves near the chimney and inside along the ceiling. The homeowner advised that smoke started to build inside the residence and they called 9-1-1. 

E-2 arrived on scene and assisted SVFD with locating the cause of the smoke and heat. Fire crews utilized the thermal image camera to determine there was excessive heat behind the block wall where the chimney of the wood stove was located. The soffit and fascia were removed along the exterior of the chimney to check for fire extension. Fire crews utilized forcible entry tools to systematically remove the mantel block, piece by piece, to gain an opening into the wall where they found burned through studs and smoldering wall material. The water can was used to cool the burning materials to extinguish the fire.  
A larger opening was made in the wall to determine the extent, as well as confirm there were no additional areas of smoldering material, heat, or smoke.  SCSO and WREMS were on scene to assist with occupant needs and responder safety.

SFR would like to remind everyone that with the temperatures changing and the need for heating homes, please have your fireplace or wood/coal stove chimney inspected, maintained, and cleaned so that it functions properly during the winter months. This action can help you avoid having your local fire department arrive at your house. Check the date and operation of your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. SFR has smoke alarms available for those individuals that need them by calling 672-6126.


Story CFire2

Story CFire3

Sheridan Fire-Rescue would like to remind everyone about the importance of working smoke alarms.  Please see the attached video:

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If you encounter orange traffic cones placed in the roadway blocking one or both lanes, please do NOT drive through or around the cones unless directed by authorized personnel! We utilize these items to create safe work zones for our crews while they are operating on or near the roadway. There were several people that disregarded these cones Friday afternoon at Broadway and East 3rd Street while Police, Fire, and EMS were working a motor vehicle accident.