The City of Sheridan Utilities Department oversees the daily operations, maintenance, and repair of the City’s utilities infrastructure, including Sheridan Area Water Supply (SAWS) and Downer Neighborhood Improvement & Service District (DNISD). The Department also oversees refuse collection, recycling, and daily operations within the Solid Waste Division. The Utilities Director works closely with division managers to ensure their processes are effective and beneficial within the department as it pertains to the role of government and in serving the public.

The Utilities Department has more than 65 staff positions ranging from executive level to front line operators; and from clerical positions to those that are highly technical in nature. Within the following divisions, we have a multitude of positions requiring varying degrees of difficulty and skill that are all equally important and essential toward our success:

  • Utility Administration – Utility Administration provides executive, administrative, technical, and regulatory support to all the divisions within the Utilities Department. Administration works closely with the City Council to present business items for approval, as well as working on the development of fiscal budgets for each division.     

  • Customer Service – The Customer Service Division is committed to providing efficient, reliable, courteous, and timely transactions in support of all City of Sheridan Operations. Customer Service is responsible for meter reading, account maintenance, fee calculations, and accounts receivables for nearly 10,000 utility customers.

  • Municipal Court – Municipal Court is responsible for the recording of alleged violations and the disposition of cases. The clerk issues summons to defendants and witnesses, prepares the court for hearings and records final dispositions of cases, receipt fines and court costs, etc. The municipal court clerk also works closely with Customer Service to provide backup support for their operations.

  • Information Technology (IT) – The IT Division oversees the technology infrastructure for City Government. The infrastructure enables City employees to deliver vital services to Sheridan’s residents and businesses.

  • Solid Waste (Landfill, Trash, and Recycling) – The Solid Waste Division is responsible for overseeing all solid waste operations while in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. This includes but is not limited to: Landfill operations, Municipal Solid Waste, recycling, green waste collection/composting, and household hazardous waste collection.

  • Utility Maintenance – Utility Maintenance conducts operations, maintenance, and repair activities on the City’s 130 miles of water transmission mains and water distribution pipes, as well as two water pump stations. Under contract with the City, they maintain the SAWS and DNSID water distribution system and pump station.

  • Utility Services – Utility Services provide regulatory and technical services on behalf of sewer and water utilities. Staff review and issue permits for sewer and water infrastructures and service lines. Utility Services also inspect installations and perform all the utility locates for the City.

  • Water Treatment Plants (Sheridan and Big Goose Treatment Plants) – Treatment Plant employees conduct operations and maintenance of our Water Treatment Plants as well as the intake facility to ensure compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act under the regulation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • Wastewater Treatment (Sewer) – Wastewater Treatment employees conduct operations and maintenance of Sheridan’s Wastewater Treatment Plant that collects and treats the sewage produced by the citizens and businesses of Sheridan. The employees ensure compliance with the Clean Water Act our WDEQ permit to discharge into Goose Creek.