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I Live Outside Of Town, Do I Buy My Water from The City or SAWS?

If you will be connecting to a water line in the SAWS (Sheridan Area Water Supply) area you will need to purchase the tap through SAWS. The City will do the inspection of the installation prior to the ditch being backfilled.

I Am Building A Commercial Shop. Do I have To Put In Floor Drains?

The building code requires a floor drain in a new building that will have an overhead door. The City requires a sand interceptor on all commercial buildings that have a floor drain that are plumbed to the sanitary sewer.

I Want To Develop Land That I Own. Is Water And Sewer Available?

Please contact the Planning Department and request to be placed on the DRC agenda. All departments will be available during the meeting to answer your questions. The Planning Department can be reached at (307) 675-4226.

I Am Looking For The Depth Of A Sewer Main For A Certain Area Of Town. Where Can I Find That Information?

We have City water and sewer as-built drawings in the Utilities Administration office. Stop by and see us on the first floor of City Hall.

I Want To Be Licensed With The City To Install Services. What Do I Need To Do?

If you want to do excavation only, you only need an excavator license; unless you are a plumber or general contractor. If you want to also install pipe, you will have to take a utility contractor’s test. These tests are administered by the Building Department for those who meet the requirements; including those who are insured and bonded. The Building Department can be reached at (307) 674-5941

I Will Be Installing Water & Sewer For A Project. Is There Anything That Is Required?

Yes. To excavate or install utilities you have to be licensed with the City of Sheridan. For water services the City will provide the tap. For sewer services, a licensed master plumber must do the tap. All water and sewer services or mains must be inspected by the City inspector before being back filled.

You will need to setup an appointment with the Building Department within a minimum of 8-hours in advance of the inspection. The Building Department can be reached at (307) 674-5941.

I Received A Notice From The City That My Backflow Device Needs Tested. Why?

Per DEQ regulations and City Ordinance No. 1946 backflow assemblies are to be tested upon installation and annually thereafter. See the Backflow FAQ page for more information and for tester contact information.

There are Blue/Green/Orange/Red Markings on my property. What does that mean?
This usually means they are surveying or locating underground utilities in preparation for infrastructure replacement or repair.

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