Animal Control FAQ

When Should my animal (dog or cat) be vaccinated against rabies?
Most vets recommend that dogs and cats be vaccinated between 4 to 6 months of age.
What is the fine for Failure to Vaccinate against rabies?
It is a $220.00 fine and a must appear citation to Municipal Court.
At what age is my dog required to have a city dog license?
A city dog license is required at the age of 6 months.
Are city dog licenses valid for the life of my dog?
No, city dog licenses must be renewed by July 1st of every year.  City licenses can be purchased through the Dog and Cat Shelter at 84 East Ridge Road.
What is the cost of a city dog license?
Licenses for spayed or neutered dogs cost $15.  Licenses for unaltered dogs cost $15.
What is the fine for Failure to License my dog?
The fine for Failure to License is $60.
What is the fine for Dog at Large?
The fine for Dog at Large increases for each additional offense.

1st Offense - $110.00
2nd Offense - $160.00
3rd Offense - $260.00

After the 3rd offense and additional $100 is added on for each additional offense.
Is there any area inside the city limits where dogs can swim off leash?
No,  dogs cannot swim off leash anywhere in the city limits.
Are electronic leashes allowed in the city limits?
No, dogs must be leashed and under control of the owner/handler.