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Beginning October 8-14, 2023, the Sheridan Fire-Rescue Department will join communities across the Country in observance of National Fire Prevention Week.  This year's Fire Prevention Week campaign is "Cooking safety starts with YOU.  Pay attention to fire prevention."  The theme works to educate everyone about the important actions they can take to keep themselves and those around them safe.  Practicing fire prevention, having working smoke detectors, and developing a fire escape plan will greatly increase your family's chances of escaping a home fire.

During Fire Prevention Week, Sheridan Fire-Rescue will host tours of the fire station for the local elementary schools.  The students visiting the fire station will have the opportunity to see the fire engines, ambulances, equipment, protective gear, and where the firefighters live while they are working their 24-hour shift.

On October 14th, 2023, Sheridan Fire-Rescue will host an open house at 212 East Works Street.  The event will run from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm.  Sheridan Firefighters will be offering tours of the fire station, smoke detector and fire safety information, and the junior firefighter combat challenge course.  Please plan on visiting your local fire station and firefighters.

For questions or to request further information, please call the Sheridan Fire-Rescue Department at (307) 674-7244.

Sheridan Fire-Rescue Fire Prevention Week Open House Notice

1755 Commerical Avenue Fire

At 00:01 May 3, 2023, Sheridan Fire-Rescue (SFR) was dispatched to a reported structure fire at 1755 Commercial Avenue.  Sheridan Police Department (SPD) officers, Goose Valley Fire Department (GVFD), Wyoming Regional EMS (WREMS), and Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) deputies responded as part of the structure fire response.

SFR Engine 2 (E-2) arrived on scene at 00:09 finding a large amount of brush and grass burning on the exterior of a single-story commercial business. E-2’s crew secured a nearby hydrant for water and deployed preconnected hand lines to initiate fire attack to protect the building from any further fire damage or extension to the inside. As additional crews arrived on scene, the inside of the building was accessed to check for extension as well as supplement the exterior crew with suppressing the fire.

The fire was brought under control at 00:32, at which time the fire crews transitioned to checking for remaining smoldering hot spots. SPD and SCSO personnel assisted the fire crew with providing traffic and bystander control. WREMS responded to standby for civilian and firefighter safety.  GVFD responded to assist with suppression and overhaul operations.

Because of early notification of the fire from a passerby and the quick actions implemented by the first arriving crew, the fire did not extend to the inside of the building. As a result the commercial business is not displaced. No civilians or emergency personnel were injured during this fire. The scene was turned over to SFR Origin and Cause Investigators and is currently under investigation.




At 16:15 Saturday (04/29/2023) afternoon, Sheridan Fire-Rescue (SFR) and Sheridan Police Department (SPD) responded to 519 North Gould Street for the report of a fire in a residential structure. SFR Engine 2 (E-2) arrived on scene at 16:16 finding an extensive amount of fire and black smoke coming from the front half of a single-story home with an attached carport. SPD assisted with crowd and traffic control. Wyoming Regional EMS (WREMS) responded for civilian and firefighter safety. Goose Valley Fire Department responded to provide additional personnel. E-2’s crew immediately secured a water supply from a nearby hydrant. The Engine mounted master stream deck gun was placed into service along with deploying multiple preconnected handlines to attack the exterior fire and protect exposures on both sides of the fire building. After the fire on the exterior of the building was brought under control, the fire crews transitioned inside for further suppression of the fire in the building. Fire crews conducted a search of the main floor to confirm there were no other occupants or pets still inside, finding no one. The building was systematically ventilated and overhauled to remove all residual smoke, heat, and the potential for rekindle. The scene was turned over to the Wyoming State Fire Marshal’s Office Investigator and is currently under investigation. Two people were displaced due to the extent of damage to the home and had been evaluated at Sheridan Memorial Hospital for non-life threatening injuries. No emergency personnel were injured during this fire. SFR continues to stress the importance of maintaining working smoke alarms and closing doors when evacuating from a structure fire. A closed door creates an isolated compartment and limits the fresh air that the fire needs to continue to grow.



MEDIA RELEASE 4/26/2022 
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Open Burning Precautions 4/26/2023 

The snow is leaving, and spring burning season has started. The Sheridan County Commissioners and County Fire Chiefs ask the public to be very cautious with any open burning in the County. Grass and other light fuels can dry quickly if the weather warms up or the wind blows. Rural fire departments have already responded to escaped prescribed burns in Sheridan County. Prior to any planned outside burning, please; Notify the Dispatch Center at 307-672-2413. This will avoid dispatching volunteer firefighters to investigate reported smoke the Dispatch Office didn’t know was planned burn. Check the weather forecast for warnings, if increased winds are predicted, avoid burning prior and during that time; Have fire tools, water, and a phone readily available; and do not delay calling for help if your burn gets out of hand. Early response can minimize control efforts and potential damage. Be sure to visit for the latest County news and information. 

Thursday, April 6th, 2023, at 21:01, Sheridan Fire-Rescue (SFR), Sheridan Police Department (SPD), Goose Valley Fire (GVFD), and Wyoming Regional EMS (WREMS) responded to 419 North Brooks Street for the report of a structure fire.  SFR Engine 2 (E-2) arrived on scene at 21:05 finding a two-story, multiple occupant, masonry apartment building with a moderate amount of smoke issuing from a second floor apartment.  E-2’s crew deployed a preconnected handline to the apartment, forced entry through the locked door, and entered the smoke-filled apartment. Once inside, the firefighters conducted a rapid search of the small, loft-style apartment and found a single occupant. The occupant was quickly removed from the apartment and transferred to the awaiting WREMS crew outside in the courtyard. E-2’s crew immediately returned to the apartment to locate the fire, finding a cooking pot on the stove with the burner still operating. The pot was moved to the sink, cooled with water, and the stove top burner turned off. With the hazard mitigated, firefighters checked for fire extension and requested positive pressure ventilation to remove the smoke from the apartment. SPD officers assisted the fire crews with maintaining bystander safety and providing traffic control. GVFD provided additional personnel for fire suppression and ventilation activities. WREMS transported the occupant to Sheridan Memorial Hospital for precautionary observation due to being in a smoke-filled environment. SFR stresses the importance of maintaining working smoke alarms for early detection of a fire. In this instance, a neighbor in an adjacent apartment heard the smoke alarm, witnessed the smoke near the apartment, and called 9-1-1 immediately. Unattended cooking is a leading cause of fires in the home. Remove all distractions from the kitchen and set a timer as a reminder that food is cooking on the stove.

Brooks Street Fire

I-90, MM 31 - Semi Truck Rollover

On March 31, 2023 at 10:32 a.m. Sheridan Fire-Rescue, Goose Valley Fire, and Wyoming Regional EMS were dispatched to Interstate 90 near mile marker 31 for a semi truck rollover.  Engine 2 arrived on scene at 10:55 finding 
a tractor trailer resting on its side on the shoulder of the road of the West bound lane.   Engine 2's crew proceeded to the front of the truck making contact with the driver that stated he was unable to get out of the semi. Firefighters removed the seal from around the windshield and dislodge the glass from the cab.  At 11:00 the driver stepped out of the cab and walked to the ambulance for evaluation.



Motor Vehicle Crash - March 29, 2023

Sheridan Fire-Rescue (SFR), Wyoming Regional EMS (WREMS), and the Sheridan Police Department (SPD) responded to a Motor Vehicle Crash with extrication at the intersection of West 5th St. and Arlington Blvd. Upon arrival at 14:06, SFR Engine 2 (E-2) crew found a Dump Truck had collided with a Toyota Tacoma in the intersection. The lone occupant of the Tacoma was trapped in the vehicle due to damage from the collision. E-2 crew used the Hurst Extrication tools to gain access to the patient. At 14:12 the patient was removed from the vehicle and transported to Memorial Hospital of Sheridan County by WREMS with non-life threatening injuries for further evaluation. The driver of the dump truck was also transported by WREMS with non-life threatening injuries for evaluation. All agencies cleared from the scene at 15:38 and the cause of the crash is under investigation by SPD.



Sheridan Fire-Rescue would like to remind everyone about the importance of working smoke alarms.  Please see the attached video:

Fire Prevention Week 2020

Due to COVID this year, Sheridan Fire-Rescue cancelled all fire station tours and our annual open house for the public. In honor of Fire Prevention Week this year, Firefighter Zach McLain has put together a virtual tour video of our Department and Fire Station for all to enjoy.    

SFR Virtual Tour Video

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If you encounter orange traffic cones placed in the roadway blocking one or both lanes, please do NOT drive through or around the cones unless directed by authorized personnel! We utilize these items to create safe work zones for our crews while they are operating on or near the roadway. There were several people that disregarded these cones Friday afternoon at Broadway and East 3rd Street while Police, Fire, and EMS were working a motor vehicle accident.