Kendrick Arboretum

est. 2013

ar-bo-re-tum / ɑrbɚˈɹiːtəm:
A botanical garden devoted to trees; a place where trees are grown for scientific observation, for pleasure, or both.


John B. Kendrick began building his home, the Trail End, in 1908. At that time, there were no houses in this area. Early photographs indicated that this property consisted of an empty hill with very few trees. The Kendrick family was dete

rmined to change the landscape and decided to plant at least one of every tree native to Wyoming. Junipers, Ponderosa Pines, Blue Spruce, Wild Plums, Silver Poplars, chokecherries, and honeysuckle are now found on the property due to the Kendrick family.

The Kendrick family planted trees in a way that preserved the impressive view scape of the town and mountains. The Kendrick Arboretum 

was established in 2013 to build upon this vision. Upon its establishment, 56 trees from 28 different species were planted.

The Arboretum is currently presented on just under 8.5 acres and can be accessed with the City of Sheridan's pathway system. This feature allows the beauty of the Arboretum to be enjoyed while biking, walking or running.

Views of the Big Horn Mountains compliment the Petrified Wood Walking Path, educational signs, and a growing collection of Oak, Maple, and Elm species. The beautiful springtime blooming varieties of Lilac, Cherry and Crabapple are accompanied with Catalpa, Linden, Birch as well as the unique species of Magnolia and Ginkgo. These along with varieties of other shade tree and interesting species. With abundant green space and wildlife viewing opportunities, the Kendrick Arboretum has something for everyone to enjoy.

To see the full collection of trees, view photos and learn more about the Kendrick Arboretum follow the link below:

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Kendrick Arboretum