2024 Projects

SWTP Flooring Replacement - The replacement of various floors that have reached the end of life at the Sheridan Water Treatment Plant. This is a 3-Phase project that consists of replacing office and laboratory flooring, installing polished concrete floors, and installing chemical resistant epoxy flooring. The project is funded by the Water Enterprise Fund.

City Hall Elevator Major Maintenance - Upgrades to the existing elevator in City Hall. Upgrades consist of a total cab remodel including new operating panel, communications, emergency lighting, and cab interior, a new power unit, and new control systems. This project is funded through the General Fund and Direct Distribution.

MDU SSIP 2024 - From MDU with a link to their project page and a map attached:

"Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. routinely evaluates and prioritizes risks to validate the integrity of the distribution of natural gas pipelines so they continue to be operated in a safe and responsible manner without interruptions. In order to keep up with state and federal laws, MDU has identified sections of pipe for replacement based on physical and operation & maintenance components. The replacement project in Sheridan has been ongoing since 2022 and has been focused in the downtown area. In 2024, MDU plans to continue replacement work from W. Burkitt St to Montana St. between South Main St. and Big Goose Creek. Construction updates will be posted to MDU’s website (link below) as they become available." This is not a City funded project.



2024 Crack Seal - This is year two of our pavement maintenance program which includes sealing of ≈74,743 linear feet of cracks in various asphalt streets within the city of Sheridan. In 2023, ≈55,256 linear feet of cracks were sealed. This project is funded through One Cent and Cap Tax.

Security Gates Project - Installation of new security gates at the Sheridan Water Treatment Plant, Big Goose Water Treatment Plant, and the Utilities Maintenance Department facility. This project is funded by the Water Enterprise Fund and Sewer Enterprise Fund.

BGWTP Front Porch Rebuild - Design and construction to replace part of the BGWTP that is failing due to settlement issues. Funded by the Water Enterprise Fund.