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The City of Sheridan Engineering Department works to enhance the health, safety, and welfare within the City by providing economical, responsive, and effective professional engineering services. City of Sheridan Engineering DepartmentThe Engineering Department is responsible for managing the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), which includes planning and financing for major capital projects. The Engineering Department works closely with other State and local agencies to provide funding for projects such as the Wyoming State Revolving Fund and Mineral Royal
ties Grants. The department is also responsible for reviewing all City infrastructure and private development, such as subdivisions, within the City. Additionally, Engineering staff provide construction support to all divisions within the City, including overseeing the design and construction of all utility projects before they are passed on to the Utility Department for continued maintenance.


East 5th Street Corridor Project
The City of Sheridan will be making safety, visualization, and landscaping enhancements to the East 5th Street Corridor between Broadway Street and the I-90 Interchange.Corridor Map The goal of this project is to improve pedestrian safety and mobility throughout the corridor while creating a welcoming environment. Improvements may include new sidewalk, decorative lighting, trees, and landscaping. Road improvements are not anticipated at this time. Design work is currently being performed by DOWL in conjunction with City Staff and primary construction is scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2020. Your input and ideas are greatly appreciated during this design phase. Discussions will include landscaping concepts, existing landscaping, trees (existing and new), street lighting, wayfinding signage, and any other ideas or suggestions. If you are unable to attend public meetings but would still like to include your input and ideas, please use the link below to reach us on Social Pinpoint! 

Social Pinpoint for E 5th Street

Public Meeting #1 Presentation

Public Meeting #2 Presentation
Sheridan Hillslide Stabilization Project
Project Overview: The City has contracted with the team of Hayward Baker, Trihydro Corporation, and Engineering Analytics to develop a solution that will reclaim and eliminate further slope failures in four locations within the City. These locations are in the areas of South Park, Kendrick Park, the Sheridan Junior High School, and Ridgeway Avenue. Contractor selection for the Kendrick Park and SJHS slide area (which are contiguous) is planned to be complete by April. A series of walls are planned along the hillside that extends from Lewis Street to Kendrick Park. These walls will be tied back into the hillside and will have numerous drains installed. picture of the stabilizing wall being erected at the junior high / kendrick park hillslideThe walls will vary in height from 10 ft to 20 ft and will be faced with a troweled concrete finish. A maintenance path will be constructed along the lower wall to be used for maintenance of the under-drain systems as well as connect Lewis Street to Kendrick Park. This walkway will be lighted and work is planned to be complete between June and October of 2019. A retaining wall will be constructed in an area between Ridgeway Avenue and Goose Creek north of 8th Street. Regrading of this area and installation of the wall will be completed during the Fall of 2019. Installations of stacked gabion baskets is planned to address the slope failure in the South Park area. Gabion baskets are providing slope stability to other areas along Little Goose Creek near this location. The installation of these baskets is planned to be complete during the Fall of 2019.

his project is scheduled for October 30, 2019 with Final completionpicture of heavy equipment and operators creting the "natural look" finish on the hillslide stabilization project within 180 after the Substantial Completion has been issued. Final Completion includes completion of the Maintenance pathway, aesthetic sculpting, riprap, lighting, and seeding of the area. 

Hillslide Stabilization Public Meeting Presentationwebpage here

North Sheridan Interchange Project
The North Sheridan Interchange Project is a joint project between WYDOT and the City of Sheridan for reconstruction of North Main Street and reconstructing a new interstate diamond interchange. The project is located in Sheridan, Wyoming from Fort Road to the Sheridan Marginal/ I-90 Interchange. The City is wanting to install two new storm treatment systems, replace leaking and undersized storm drain systems, and replace an old, infiltrating sanitary sewer system within the project limits. The sanitary sewer system is in need of replacement due to old and deteriorated sanitary sewer mains, manholes and services that are allowing infiltration into the system within the project limits. The sanitary sewer system will also expand to an area that has septic systems adjacent to Goose Creek. The project includes installing approximately 1,090 feet of 8″ PVC sanitary sewer mains and installing new 8″ sanitary sewer mains to help alleviate up to 10 septic systems that are currently in use with residences adjacent to Goose Creek. The project also includes installing approximately 10,000 linear feet of storm drain and 2 new treatment systems for storm water. This project is planned to be completed in 2019.  For additional information and project updates, please visit WYDOT's North Sheridan Interchange webpage here.

N. Main Street Time Lapse Construction Video
2019 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Updates
The City of Sheridan is inviting public input in conjunction with the 2019 update of its Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The CIP serves as a blueprint for the maintenance and construction of important infrastructure to support the continued growth and development of the City. Infrastructure projects considered under the CIP include the City water distribution system, sanitary sewer collection system, storm drain system, and streets.

The public involvement process will consist of:

  • Online survey open through midnight Friday, March 15. Review the survey results here.
  • Public workshops as listed below; and
  • Public comments submitted at public workshops.

The City CIP is developed based on a thorough evaluation of several factors, including:

  • Public input
  • Age and condition of streets and utilities;
  • Size of streets and utilities relative to demand from existing and proposed development;
  • Interrelationship of utilities (e.g., location of water, sanitary sewer and stormwater infrastructure beneath City streets);
  • Existing master plans, studies and design reports; and
  • Available and committed funding

 The CIP is typically updated every 5 years to keep abreast of changes in the community. The last City of Sheridan CIP was completed in 2014. The City has contracted with WWC Engineering of Sheridan to complete the 2019 update to the CIP.

Public Workshops

Public Workshop 1
Overview of CIP planning process and review of compiled community survey results and opportunity

Tuesday, March 19, 2019
5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

Public Workshop 2
Overview of CIP planning process and review of compiled community survey results and opportunity

Thursday, April 25, 2019
5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

View the Final 2019 CIP.

Main Street Lane Configuration
In 2023, the Wyoming Department of Transportation plans to resurface Sheridan's Main Street. City of Sheridan staff worked with WYDOT to generate a lane configuration test to see if a new configuration would be beneficial. This plan was created after a Streetscape Action plan concluded that a new lane configuration might be a better fit for Sheridan's downtown. 

From August 12, 2019 through September 29, 2019, temporary lane striping was placed on Main Street to create a 3 lane configuration. This changed the usual 4 lane (2 lanes each direction) configuration to 1 lane going each direction and a center turning lane. In addition to the new lane configuration, curbside parking was expanded to allow more room for parked cars and people entering/exiting their vehicles. 

During the test, traffic counts were closely monitored by both the City and WYDOT. A survey was available online for citizens to give their thoughts and reactions to the test. At the conclusion of the test, around 65% of the completed surveys showed a positive response to the new lane configuration.

The 4 lane configuration was put back into place at the end of the test. Further discussion is required to determine if the 3 lane configuration will be implemented when WYDOT resurfaces Main Street in 2030.

View a presentation on this project here.
Section 1135 Ecosystem Restoration / 84-99 Levee Repair Project
View a presentation on this project here.